Sunday, February 9, 2020

Discovering Evermore Park

My family and I got to experience Evermore Park for the first time yesterday. I would like to give a very brief review from a person who had no idea what Evermore was and entered the park blindly.
Upon waiting in the line to enter the park you get a major cosplay feel from mostly all patrons who enter into the park. The line was filled with costumed patrons dressed up in a wide variety of themes. I saw patrons dressed as: pirates, viking, Lord of the Rings Elves, Steampunk, Goth, western cowboys, vampires, Link from Zelda, and even the Super Mario Brothers. Some patrons talked to us in character of whoever they were dressed up like and would only respond to their character’s name. Obviously I was wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into?
We finally entered the park and discovered with some difficulty that the actual characters who work at Evermore wear an “E” glowing crystal amulet around their necks. That made it much easier to identify them through all the wardrobe costume anarchy.
We realized that we needed to get a map of the park which had certain tasks and quests written on the back of it. If we completed that list we would familiarize ourselves better with the park.
We learned that there are different camps and towns within the borders of Evermore Park that houses everything from: witches, rangers, knights, pirates, dwarves, barbarian known as the Wolves of Winter, and bards. Just to name a few. Each group of characters had their own guilds that you are welcome to join.
In order to join a guild you are given up to three tasks or quests that you need to complete before the guild’s initiation ceremony which would happen closer to the end of the night.
Since my 8-year old loves magic we decided to focus on tasks geared towards the witches coven. We were given three good witch tasks. It was a fun experience and my daughter at the end of the day was initiated into the Witches Coven and was promoted to the level of “Seeker” within their guild. If we were to return to the park we would have the option to pick up where we left off and advance further in the guild… or join another one as well.
My over-all opinions of Evermore Park: The employees are trained to stay in character and encouraged to speak with foreign European dialect. They seem to hire actors with musical or stage combat talents. They are indeed trying to give you a spectacular fantasy experience. Picture LARPing on steroids.
We came during the tail end of their Aurora Season. Sort of like their Christmas / holiday theme within the park. So we saw some Christmas themed lights. The construction of the park is incomplete, and we were obviously attending during their off season with most of their attractions closed or out of commission, with that understanding, the park has potential and I wouldn’t mind giving it a second visit some time.
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