Monday, October 7, 2013

Facebook needs to go away (part 2)

Facebook has been getting stricter when it comes to enforcing people creating bogus profiles on their site. I have a friend who claimed to have encountered this problem when he tried to create an account for a made-up person. He claimed that once he had entered in all of the information to set up an account, the Facebook server sent him an automated message saying, “We think this may be a fake a person trying to start an account with us. To prove you are real give us your phone number.” Once you have given them your phone number it then says, “A numeric code has been texted to your phone. Please enter that code below to continue.” First of all, I feel Facebook is discriminating the older potential users of their network. It won’t allow anybody to enter the year of their birthday if they were born before 1920. It assumes that only baby-boomers and younger exist in the world. Also, what about people who don’t have cell phones or text options? That is downright rude.

There were a few profiles I caught that were created before they enforced this rule. Profiles like:

 Darth Vader

John Daker

Hank Hill

Everybody knows those profiles are fake and just plain funny. I want to know:  Do you think creating a bogus profile on a big social network is unlawful and unethical despite the fact that it is obviously fake and only there to get laughs?

If you answered yes to the first question, I want to ask you: Do you think the same about people logging onto other peoples profiles who are not them? I know four people in my family who are guilty of this. If the real person gave them permission is it okay then?


  1. I don't see why Facebook cares. I created a Facebook profile for my Grandma. Grandma is terrified of the internet. She doesn't want her name out in the ether, but wants to keep up with her grandchildren. I tried to just make her name be "Grandma" but Facebook would have none of it. She's a real person and a real Grandma, but she can't have that be her name on Facebook.

  2. I think it's hilarious. Also, Jeff's Grandma's info out in the ether is hilarious too.