Monday, May 28, 2012

Inspiring T-shirts #1

I know a guy who is a t-shirt designer, and if you give him a t-shirt design or idea and it sells than you get five dollars for every shirt he sells that you created. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of t-shirts that are sold in your local convenient stores that have funny and unusual things illustrated and/or written on them.

Every time I come up with a new design I will post a picture of it here and you are welcome to tell me what you think. Here is my first masterpiece you can wear.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Batman News Continued

Okay, so I wrote this continuing blog for my anticipation for the Dark Knight Rises movie a year and a half ago and never got around to publishing it. Obviously it's a little outdated now. I am still extremely excited for the movie to come out on July 20th. Instead of boring you with continuous outdated facts about it just enjoy this attached trailer of it.

Special thanks to for providing the latest trailer

(old blog post)
Fact #6 Christopher Nolan announced that his new Batman movie will be called "The Dark Knight Rises."
Fact #7 The Dark Knight Rises will not be filmed in 3D.
Fact #8 The Dark Knight Rises will not have the Riddler in it as the main villain, the Riddler will most likely not be in it at all.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Haunted Legend of Kiwanis Park

Another segment I am starting on this blog is my research and travel log on busting urban myths and legends in Utah.
My first one for you today, my beloved readers,  is the myth of Kiwanis Park.
Last summer my wife had a goal to stay in shape by going on a hike at least once a week. She always tried to find people to hike with and she would usually get her younger siblings to accompany her. The first obstacle is getting them to commit to a hike. The second obstacle she faced was getting them to commit to where they were going to hike. My wife, Laura, wanted to hike up to a beautiful waterfall in a Pleasant Grove canyon. Her little brother said “I’m not going with you! It’s already dusk and that hike goes through Kiwanis Park and I refuse to go there after dark.” Laura asked “Why is that?” “Because of the skin-walkers that roam around there.”
She was still able to get them to go with her and they took a few pictures. The idea of Pleasant Grove being haunted with something called skin-walkers fascinated me. I had to visit that place the next day and do some investigating.
There was a monument at the park called Battle Creek to remember the fallen in the first Native American and white settler battle in Utah County.
(Side note: Pleasant Grove was originally called Battle Creek.) When the Mormon settlers first came into the valley there was a rumor that spread around the Salt Lake Valley how a band of savage Indians had stolen some horses from Brigham Young’s property. A posse was formed to hunt down the accused.There was a rumor that a messanger tried to send word to the posse that the horses had been returned so it is uncertain why a battle took place. The Mormon settlers killed all the male warriors of this accused tribe and brought all of their women and children back to live in the Salt Lake Valley. Most of these accounts are not valid sources and so we really don’t know why this Mormon posse persisted in this slaughter. Brigham Young always tried to go out of his way to make peace with the Native Americans and encouraged his people to do likewise. He always said, “it’s easier to feed them than fight them.” That still didn’t stop the individual bloody fights among some settlers and other groups of Native Americans.
I welcome any other history buff to correct me on this research if it appears to be inaccurate.
Now that I knew the history behind Kiwanis park I researched skin-walkers. The definition I found was this: In some Native Americans legends, a skin-walker is a person with the supernatural ability to turn into any animal he or she desires, though they first must be wearing a pelt of the animal, to be able to transform. Similar lore can be found in cultures throughout the world and is often referred to as shape-shifting by anthropologists.

With further investigation I found the actual haunted myth behind the park on  the Haunted Utah website

It states:
“Pleasant grove - Kiwanis Park:
Years ago there was a battle between Indians and pioneers. There is a memorial there for all the lives that were lost. Many things happen there. If you go up at night, some have said that they see shadow's running around them. A few accounts say that there is a arch way of tree's that are almost like a spiritual pathway. people that have walked thru the pathway say that instantly they hear screams and smell horrible horrible smell's.”
After hearing about my wife and siblings' adventure and how they took pictures of the hike I took the photos and “improved” some of them by simply picking some with just them in it and then with the help of my six hundred dollar software called Photoshop I added some ghost-like apparitions in the background and then burned them a cd with all the photos and gave it to them. Their reaction was first shock, which lead to skepticism. Since they know me and my crazy nature they knew the photos were a hoax. I added them to this blog for your own personal enjoyment.

Have you ever been to Kiwanis Park? Was it spooky? Please I highly encourage fellow myth sleuths to post their experiences on here as well. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cats Doing Stuff

Hello everyone, I have come back from a year and a half spectacle.
Blogging is a new hobby for me. I kind of started one about a year ago but I neglected it. Now that I have the time to start it again I have to admit the fact that I am a novice to blogging. So I heard some advice from an expert and that is when you blog on the internet you have to write about something that grasps your readers' attention. He said a surefire topic that always gets viewers is to blog about cats doing stuff.

Face it, of the top three things that internet surfers look for on the web, number two would be cats doing stuff. So here you are: cats doing stuff:
I just graduated from Utah Valley University in Digital Media and for my Senior Project I got to assist in helping redesign the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter (SUVAS ) website. A girl in my group thought of the idea because she loves cats. I joked about how when we showcase this project I could bring in a cat trap. She didn’t think that was very funny.

Part of my project was to help produce a welcome video for the new site. My crew wanted to get a shot of a customer being assisted by a shelter staff member at the desk. They wanted the customer to be holding an animal. Because I was the manager and like to stay on task and I noticed that our time was dragging on, I went up to a random cage grabbed a cat and said, "I’m ready." Someone in my group asked, "Isn’t your wife allergic to cats?" I said, "Yup but I don’t care anymore." We got in about five takes before the cat’s clawing into me became nonstop and deeper.

A shelter employee showed me his scars from past cat claw gouges and told me that he thought cats were more dangerous then dogs to bring in off the streets because they fight dirty.
The anticlimactic part of this story is that once we officially turned the revised website over to the shelter the lady in charge of maintaining the site removed the video (probably because she was the main feature of the video and probably didn’t want it viewed by the populace). You can still see the revised website that my skilled designers made at

Special thanks to Kyle Siemer for allowing me to use his shots from the SUVAS film shoot.

Do you think cats are one of the three most searched items on the internet?