Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is Obama the Anti-Christ?

I have the prime opportunity to work at the same organization as a Tea Party Patriots group member. (Name have been withheld due to lack of permission.) This was exciting! I had never met a Tea Party member before nor did I have any idea what they stood for or what they did. At least in this blog I admit and don't try to hide the fact that I have no experience or expertise in what I'm talking about.

When I asked my fellow co-worker what exactly does being a Tea Party member mean, he scoffed and said that they are an organization that was formed mainly of highly conservative Republicans with only one mission statement and that is to oppose whatever President Obama tries to instigate. "So you are Obama haters?" I asked. "Exactly," he replied. They believe he is close to changing our government into a monarchy with a socialist structure... is that even possible? I doubt it.

I had the opportunity to read from Time magazine and see what they had to say about The Tea Party Group. They stated the fact that they gained power in seven of our fifty states and that Sarah Palin and Glen Beck are two of the big leaders in it. One of their members, Christine O'Donnell, was elected to the senate chamber for the state of Delaware. Her remark to the press after she won the election was, "The people of Delaware have spoken: no more politics as usual." Other slogans that the Tea Party quotes a lot are, "Throw the bums out!" and, "When the government fears the people, there is liberty," by Thomas Jefferson.

My personal opinion on the Tea Party's philosophy is as follows: Don't blame President Obama as the only reason why our country is going through a tough time right now. I look at the Commander-in-Chief of the United States similarly to Harry Potter's Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers. They are walking into a complex and flawed system and no matter what any President tries to do now whether they are Democrat, Republican, or whatever, they will receive low ratings, get blamed for everything, and be hated all the way out of office. Who wants to run for President now?

I also applaud the Tea Party's ambition in trying to fix something that may seem futile. It would be nice to have a congress and other branches of government show some action in a way that gives us, the people of the U.S., assurance that they are listening to us, are trying, and that they truly care about fixing our nations problems instead of schmoozing investors for another reelection.

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  1. Hmm...Very interesting view. You must love Obama or something.

    But in all seriousness. My view of the government right now is that both Republican and Democratic Parties are both so corrupted now that when they get to congress level, the agenda of the people is on the back burner while the agenda of the private sector like big businesses run the show. It's been this way for a while.

    My solution is that they need to get more parties involved in congress than just a bunch of extremist republicans that are more likely to block any changes that could be beneficial for the political circus we have right now. But if there were more parties involved like the progressives, independents, and dare I say the green party, the congress would have to start working together because then they'll have so many views that they'll have to come to some common ground.

    As for my view on Obama. We've seen worse. True he ran a campaign of big change and made it so there was high expectations. But he still seems to live by what principles he believes are right and is not conforming as much as he could to the private lobbyists that I thought he would have.

    Anyway, that's my spin on it.