Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kirk’s Family Feel-Good Merchandise

We all know about Covenant Communications Inc. which happens to be the primary provider and publisher for Deseret Book, and Seagull Book and Tapes merchandise. 
Every now and then I get a brilliant business idea that I want to pitch to them in hopes that they will mass produce it and put it on their shelves. I usually don’t reveal my brilliant ideas to the public until after I have created it but I want your feedback on it. Take a look at the diagrams below and please tell me what you think. I did this while I was in my daughter’s playroom.

You may or may not have seen these dopey pieces of wood that has inspiring faith building words stenciled on them. Words like Faith and Families are Forever... yeah, you know, kitchy feel-good stuff like that. Imagine this hanging up over your mantel. Your house is definitely the home of a celestial family now. I think I’m going to bypass Covenant Communications all together and sell these myself. Who wants one?