Saturday, August 4, 2012

I was Slaughtered by the Hog!

I have been defeated! In one of my previous blogs I mentioned about how I was a food challenge champion because I conquered the 24 incher challenge at Sensuous Sandwich not once, but three times.

I was then challenged to try “The Hog” at D Boys barbecue and grill restaurant. The hog challenge is where you have only 20 minutes to completely consume a huge burger, a large bowl of fries and a 32 ounce soda. If you win this challenge then the 20 dollar meal is free, you get your picture taken, and you receive a complimentary t-shirt which says “I slaughtered the hog.”

Since I normally eat a lot of food anyway I thought I could beat this challenge. Let me describe to you what the hog burger looks like: It was about six inches tall and included

·         2 huge chunky beef patties

·         coleslaw

·         2 huge clumps of bacon

·         4 huge sausage links

·         About 3 ounces of pulled pork

·         1 tomato

It was also drowning in barbecue sauce mixed with fry sauce. They allowed me to fill up my cup with PowerAde instead of soda. They allowed me to temperature test the fries. They took my picture before the timer was set, and then I was into it.

Since the burger was physically impossible to bite into I grabbed a fork and worked my way down from the top. I thought I had this challenge beat until I came to the hideously huge sausage links that grossed me out. After that I was nauseated the rest of the time. The first beef patty was too fat and took a while to swallow. They then told me I only had six minutes left. I grabbed fist fulls of fries to try to take this pate down but the sausage links' aftertaste still lingered in my mouth and I had to fight back dry-heaving.

So unfortunately, my dear friends, I think my food challenge days are over. If you think you can slaughter the hog you are more than welcome to try. Please let me know how you did.

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