Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Training for a Half Marathon (week 2)

The following Saturday I had to run 6 miles. The weather was excellent and so I ran up Provo canyon. It’s such a pretty run and I really missed doing that from years past. I only made it to Bridal Veil Falls because the snow was up to my ankles there. I enjoyed this run so much that I didn't even feel the strain of running 6 miles nonstop. I completed that distance in 48 minutes. This is so much better than a track or a treadmill. 

Week 3 was pretty much the same as week 2 ending with a beautiful run up the canyon. I will let you know if anything unusual happens between now and the day of the race. Stay tuned!

Provo canyon running trail

What is your favorite sport or past time for the summer?

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