Monday, June 10, 2013

Roofing with Fanna and Falaina

There are tons of trends that cycle though our community. One of them last month was roofing. Yes, I never thought that this trend would take off, but right now all the teenyboppers are proclaiming that roofing is totally sick. Forget parkour, move over planking. Roofing is the new craze. I noticed that two other houses were also roofing by tearing off the old shingles and then replacing them with new ones.
Fanna and Falaina convinced me that I should get with the times and roof myself and that they would be more than compassionate enough to share a piece of their parents' roof with me so I can be sick too. Fanna said some people hire a professional to remove the old shingles before they put the new ones on but that’s too square for us. You're only cool if you remove your own shingles. I think Fascott was there too! After they showed me how to climb up on the roof, they taught all the rudiments of how to scrape off the old shingles with whatever tool you can find.
Then, after they believed that I had mastered that skill, they taught me more advanced stuff like how to remove antennas with your bare hands and how interesting the a swamp cooler sounds when you throw it off the roof. That was cool. (Apparently the swamp cooler left a crater in the backyard where the trampoline once was.) After Fanna and Falaina had finished tutoring me, I checked this off my bucket list of trends and have since moved onto other things like the Harlem Shake. 
What other trends do you recommend I try next?


  1. Oh, Fanna and Falaina...they are too hip for us. I've heard that refinishing the bathroom cabinets is pretty cool now. Would you give it a shot and let me know how it goes?

  2. Oh, Fakirk - I didn't realize Fanna and Falaina taught you how to rip off antennas with your bare hands.... hee hee.

  3. “Roofing is the new craze” – I started imagining everyone working on top of their roofs after reading this. Haha! Well, that's normally a trend especially days after a huge storm hits. Everyone is busy checking their roofs, trying to determine if they need replacement or if the roof can still go beyond repair.

    Lue Madson @ DryTech Roofing Company

  4. Talking about re-roofing like it was some craze made the job sound so petty. Haha! Well, re-roofing can be easy if you know how to do things properly. Fixing your own roof is cheap and you can earn some bragging rights as well. Just be careful though; you wouldn't want to cause more damage to your roof in the hopes of fixing it. Good luck on your next activities!
    Soo @ Willi Roofing Services

  5. Somehow, seeing a number of houses being re-roofed at the same time is fun! Haha! It's good to know that you are having fun while securing your roofs, by the way. But what's more important is that, in doing so, you are also spreading awareness about the importance of maintaining good roofing. Good going!
    Brook @ Central Roofing

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