Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cooking with Fanna and Falaina

Winter is coming on soon and one of Fanna and Falaina’s primitive instincts for surviving the coldest part of the year is to store an ample amount of freezer meals which they have proudly created. Aren't they silly?

Fanna is very persuasive and got me to help her. Falaina said, "Yeah! Help her or I’ll smash you!” Never argue with a hangry Falaina .(Hangry = hungry + angry)

The entire Friday and Saturday of my Labor Day weekend was spent chopping vegetables by hand, cramming treasures into a meat grinder, and finding creative ways to quickly freeze our creations in very limited freezer space. Some great philosophies taught to me by this wise pair are as follows:

  1. If anyone complains about the taste of the meals, tell them they cooked or reheated them wrong. Never admit defeat and never apologize.
  2. Expiration dates are only a figment of interpretation.
  3. It may not taste like beef, it may not look like beef, but who cares? It was on sale by the pound.
  4. Cooking with wine is not only oozing with culture but also highly recommended… feel free to sip a little.
  5. Pepper can fix anything.
  6. Nine times the recipe.
  7. Stay up until one in the morning for optimal results.

 I would like to personally thank my dear friends, Fanna and Falaina, for constantly lending me their aid, strength, and wisdom.


  1. Hey, I like to make freezer meals too! And, I agree, there's nothing as delicious as a peppery meal. The more the better.

  2. Oh my gosh Kirk! You are making me laugh so hard. "Help her or I'll smash you"! Ha Ha. It's true....we're, I mean Fanna and Falaina are like squirrels collecting nuts for the winter. I agree with Laura, if it's not tasting good, just add a good round of pepper (That's what we ALL do around here, peppering after the person before). You are silly.