Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pranking with Fanna and Falaina

I have perfected the trade of a prankster for the past score of my life. Through trial and error I have learned a few techniques that may help any novice that is considering taking up pranking as a hobby or pastime. So, grab a pen and paper and take notes, for I am about to explain my methods. There are three basic rules to stick to in pranking they are: 1. Patience, 2. Patience, and 3. More patience. Those of you who do not have the ability to wait for the opportune moment to prank, may I suggest bicycling or racquetball? Perhaps pranking is not for you.

Here is a good example of patience during pranking. My dear friend, Fanna, came down to visit her mother from the north and while she was breakfasting with her affectionate kindred I set my prank into action. I had purchased a bumper sticker from an undisclosed store three years previously to this that said the following: “Your body is a temple, mine is an amusement park!” 

I stuck it neatly to Fanna’s bumper, like so. 

I was admiring my handiwork in placing it symmetrical and centered on the bumper when I realized the tragic fact that unless Fanna does not look at the back of her car before she departed this temporary gag would be shorter lived then I wanted. So, in my haste I grabbed a camera and snapped these photos to keep for myself in my own prank scrapbook. 

How was this an act of patience? Well, I purchased the sticker three years prior to this day and was just waiting for the right moment when Fanna would be close by, unsuspecting, and distracted. I could have immediately driven north to Fanna’s home and planted the sticker at first purchase, but that would have been too much traveling and effort for this, which I consider one of my petty and benign gags.

My prediction was accurate. Fanna immediately discovered the bumper sticker and disposed of it. That is why you always take a picture. It will last longer. Even though Fanna didn’t catch me in the act, and she had no proof that it was I who committed this vandalism. She still accused me of it and threaten to have Falaina pound me if I attempted something like that ever again. Isn’t she silly? I will provide more pranking methods in the future. Stay tuned. 

Have you ever been accused of a crime or a prank that you most likely committed?


  1. Threaten to have Falaina pound you? Ha ha. ...isn't F-kirk silly. I also enjoy a good prank (to someone else of course). My most exciting pranks happened at college. Fun times involving missing beds, and missing food and frozen undies.

  2. Frozen undies is probably at the top of my list.

  3. Frozen undies I have not tried yet. Now I am taking notes.