Monday, April 7, 2014

The day I threw my vote away and it worked

As I mentioned in blog "Safety starts Now!" my company takes safety to insane measures.

My company has now divided everyone into groups, like a safety buddy system in teams. Our assigned groups are supposed to watch out for one another in our teams and help keep them out of harm’s way. Now we are collectively rewarded as a group when we can go a full calendar quarter with no recordable injuries at work, and thus we are also collectively punished if one of us gets officially injured.

To reward us, at the end of each quarter our company treats everyone in our group to lunch from our choice of caterers. In preparation for our very first lunch our CEO asked us all to select a team name that we can all rally behind. Via email, some people submitted inspirational names and a few submitted really stupid names. If you know my opinions on democracy most of the time I exercise my right to vote and throw it away when I feel that there are no good options. I picked the stupidest name on the list.

A week later I was surprised to discover that my stupid vote won the election. The CEO stood up and said, "I am surprised by the involvement in this election. Out of the ten teams that represent ACME’s safety standard’s only one team actually followed through in making a decision. I am pleased to announce that this team's name is 'DJ Jazzy Jeff and the 2 Safe Crew!'" Apparently I was the only person who voted. Because this joke is now official, they are actually making our own official team t-shirts.

This is a first for me, having my vote actually count. Have you ever thrown your vote away? Or have you done anything in jest only to have a seriously official outcome?

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  1. Haha! This is one of my favorite stories and it gives me hope in America.