Monday, March 31, 2014

Peter Pan is the Bomb???

If you haven’t figured it out from my last few blogs, my family took a spontaneous trip to Disneyland. Before our trip we followed tweets and other recommendations on what some must-see things in the park are, especially with a toddler. All Disney fanatics both local and professional all said this: “You gotta see Peter Pan's flight ride. It’s the bomb! Make sure you do that first thing when you get into the park because the line grows quickly.” I found that was the same recommendation for every demographic. If you’re on a date… go to Peter Pan! If you are proposing, go to Peter Pan! If you are celebrating grad night… yup, go to Peter Pan!

I vaguely remember going on this ride when I was young and I remember my thoughts after the ride were: “That was it?” Now with every professional opinion emphasis I thought, What the heck. I’ll give it another shot. Our first day of three days spent at the park started with a mad dash to Peter Pan’s ride only to be introduced to a forty-five-minute-long line. We patiently waited with an impatient toddler and the ride was over in less than three minutes. I am sad to say that my overall reaction to the ride this time was the same as last time I rode it as a child.

The professional Disney fanatics argue that the reason why the Peter Pan ride is the bomb is because you are in a pirate ship, and it really feels like you are flying above early 19th century London. I guess I missed that feeling all three times I rode it. I felt like I was on a rickety tram that carried me into less than ten rooms with horrible lighting. Yes you could see the little cute model of London below with Big Ben and all but it looked like the glow in the dark paint used on the model was overdue for a major recharge. We could barely see anything down there. What little animatronics they had in the ride seemed out of place and rushed (to move you along to a particular moment of the movie).

Disneyland has improved with some of their newer rides where they know you will be standing in line for at least an hour (which can entertain the waitees by creative obstacles to walk through etc.) You don’t get that with Peter Pan. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, you will have to wait in an extremely long line for a short class-C ride.

Do you agree with me on this or do think the Peter Pan ride is the bomb? Please explain.     


  1. Not worth it. However, it made a lasting impression on a certain two-year-old, so maybe it was worth it a little…?

  2. I did think it was kind of fun to do the "flying over London" thing. But, it's definitely not a must-see.