Sunday, September 20, 2015

Things that must go: cops who pull over bike riders in Provo

Cops who pull over bike riders in Provo: I was riding my bike home from work and had not traveled more then 5 minutes on nothing more than sidewalks and crosswalks when a cop car turned his lights on and waved me to a stop. He said, “I was just checking on you because we received a call that you were weaving in and out of traffic and I just wanted to make sure you are okay.” I explained to him I had only been riding on sidewalks and told him I thought he had the wrong guy. Then he gave me a lecture anyway about riding safely. Cops that don't verify bike riders before they pull them over must go. Also, disgruntled Provo drivers who hate Provo traffic and make calls like that on bike riders must go.

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  1. That's crazy. I've never heard of bikers being pulled over, but then again I don't think I've ever ridden a bike in Provo. (I ride my bike from Lehi to Orem all the time, but my work is in Orem just before you get to Provo.)

    I like the "Things that must go" series. I'm thinking about writing up a few things that must go on my own blog.