Monday, September 14, 2015

Things that must go: panhandlers who assault people in Orem

I frequently post a list of my "Things That Must Go." For those of you who don't know, this is a weekly segment that Kerry, Bill and Gina do on The Radio From Hell show on X96 every Wednesday morning. After paying close attention to this segment I have noticed that 97% of what I write never makes it on air. Whether it infringes on their sponsors or they just plain don’t like my list I am not too sure. I decided to do a topic on my blog called Rejected from X96’s Hell: what never made it on air. Enjoy! 

Panhandlers who assault people in Orem: I was exiting a McDonalds next to Walmart. About 600 feet away is the favored corner where panhandlers shake cardboard signs. One panhandler made eye contact with me. I thought nothing of it and gave no indication that I had anything for him. After entering my car and turning on the ignition I received a pounding knock on the roof of my car. To my surprise this panhandler had left his favored corner and walked the 600-foot distance to my car. I said nothing, just looked at him. He said “I don't want your money!” I was confused but he repeated, “I said I don't want your money!” Still confused I replied, “Okay then. ” He then flipped out using all sorts of obscenities like 'mother hugger' and 'a-hole' and something crude about my mother... He then left the while saluting me with the bird raised high the entire way until he was out of sight. I give him an A for dramatic flair. I am still dazed and confused over the whole ordeal. Did he want a beer? Regardless, I did not approach him nor give any signal from far away indicating that I had something for him. It makes me not want to consider giving panhandlers anything ever. Panhandlers like that must go!

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  1. I watched a news segment that said you should never give to panhandlers ever. They said that the vast majority of money given to panhandlers is going to people who are not in need, or even worse, going to support drug habits. They said that if you want to help, the best way is to donate to shelters and soup kitchens locally.