Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Utah’s Colonial Heritage Festival at Orem Part 2

Sorry this blog is a little late but that's how it was scheduled. So I went back to Orem's Colonial Days on the 4th of July. There were a few changes to the festival that were not there the Saturday prior to the 4th. For instance we went back to the blacksmith shop to see Liam, my little artist buddy who drew my portrait for 99 cents now he had made is booth bigger and was now charging 2 dollars to do people's portraits. I think I created an entrepreneur. There was a tent around the guy boiling wax for candles now. They also had a wood worker who was advertising his business for selling wooden coffins to anyone who dared be buried in one. The following pictures help show our day at the park.

Military Muster: Ready, Aim, FIRE!

A Colonial Cannon

Colonial Calligraphy! Our names written with a Feather Quill

A blunderbuss this redneck farmer's gun is what helped take down the British in the battle of New Orleans

As I was talking to some of the volunteers/colonial impersonators, one of them mentioned about how they are trying to find a more permanent theme park for them to do this year-round in Utah Valley. Do you think a permanent historical park would benefit our community or ruin it? What are your thoughts?


  1. I think a colonial town would be fun! Just think of all the acned teens that could be employed there.