Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Experience at the Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus

Every October I try to make it to at least one spook alley or haunted house. This year I decided to try the Strangling Brothers' Haunted Circus in Draper, Utah. The following is my personal experience and reaction to it.
First of all, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of similarities between this and the Haunted Forest in American Fork (which I attended last year). Tickets to both places are at least 20 bucks a person and you have to wait in two long entertaining lines to get into the venue.
They both then take you through a series of different rooms that have obstacles like mazes, bridges with tunnels that have the illusion that the walls are spinning, and other fun-house attractions. They then of course have a gory butcher’s room that is meant to gross you out. A cemetery with open graves, dark hallways, and of course you always see a room with a girl who has either been dismembered or stuck in cage, calling out to you for help. Both end with some chainsaw guy that is meant to push you out of the attraction so you don’t linger around it.
Of course the Haunted Circus tried to have more clowns and a carnival tone to it where the Haunted Forest seemed to be unsure of its theme. Either way, my overall response to the Strangling Brothers' Circus is extremely overpriced, you pay a lot just to get rushed through their spook alley.I don’t know if I’m getting old or this trend is, but I’m starting to lose my savor for things like this every year. I have plans to start my own free spook alley for trick-or-treaters so it is beneficial to go to these businesses to gather ideas.
Have you been to any of these above mentioned spook alleys?
Do you think they are overpriced?
To my beloved followers: for personal reasons I will be taking a break from this
blog during the Holidays. See you in a few months!


  1. I do think they are overpriced. However, I do go to one every year. I guess that means I'm still willing to pay the price, so perhaps they're not overpriced after all if I still choose to pay it?