Monday, October 29, 2012

Had this been real would I have survived?

So if this mock scenario of a zombie apocalypse was real I would have died. Three zombies did pass me by. The man that came in first place had actually registered as a zombie.

The hardest challenge for me during this race was trying not to die laughing at all the different costumes I saw. There was a man running in a banana costume, there was another guy dressed up like a mentally challenged kid, and another guy only wore a leopard spotted speedo and shoes. Two boys dressed in drag and held hands as they crossed the finish line, and there were a ton of brides and expensive wedding gowns worn by what looked like both human and zombie.  There were too many people that just didn’t take it seriously. I too, like the above mentioned participants can’t take it seriously and find people who do very amusing.
Do you think anyone who is seriously immersed in the Zombie trend is a dork?

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  1. I loved the banana man! I'm pretty sure all 3 of us girls yelled 'banana!' spontaneously each time he ran past us.