Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Podcast "Nostalgic Radio"

My Podcast Cover

Nostalgic Radio

[We Put the Fun in Funeral]

While I was in college I took a class called "Authoring for Digital Devices." It was pretty much a class to teach us about podcasts and how to make them. I learned as long as you have recording equipment, you too can create podcasts that can be downloaded by the mainstream media.

Our instructor wanted us to not only create 6 episodes, thirty minutes long, he also wanted us to document everything onto a long drawn-out paper.

Here is the synopsis of what my podcast was all about:

The podcasts were made to educate the millennial generation in an entertaining way by introducing a different radio comedian each episode, like Jack Benny, Red Skelton, and more. Each episode included a brief introduction and a life overview and then I would play a 30-45 minute sample of the artist's show.The podcasts hopefully persuaded an older crowd to get interested and more involved in podcasting through this familiar atmosphere. The podcasts were strictly audio: no videos or visuals, with exception of the podcover.
Tagline- We Put the Fun in Funeral

Slogan- We’ll take you back in time to when radio dominated the mainstream media

This link will allow you to listen to my pilot episode. I know it may be too long for some of you with ADD, so if you just want to skip to 16:58 on the track you might find my commercial I had to make somewhat amusing.

Did you like it? I may set up a link for the other five episodes or not depending on your feedback. I want your honest opinion.


  1. Very entertaining! Especially the commercial, I went out and bought me some metamucil right away. Man, that chocolate flavor was amazing. In fact I got into the holiday spirit and mixed the chocolate with the orange, tasted just like orange sticks! Mmmmmmm.......

    1. Thanks Collan you're the best! Do you want to hear more?