Tuesday, February 5, 2013

End-of-the-world survivor Part 2 of 5

Y2K Scare: The threat that the world would end on the stroke of midnight Jan 1st2000. First of all who is the person we are listening to that can map out on a calendar by the day and minute the world’s biological clock is going to give out and explode or collapse in on itself? I remember how frightened people were clear up to this specified date. I knew of friends and neighbors who had loaded up and food storage, emergency supplies and spent the News Year’s eve night in their basement bathrooms or bomb shelters if they were that prepared. As we approached the actual day this catastrophe was supposed to hit and people still could see no signs of environmental chaos some people then manipulated the original threat to be digital instead of environmental. The computers will crash! Some did but not to the extent and caliber that they were telling us. Now over a decade later this gigantic fear has been defused and forgotten.


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