Thursday, April 18, 2013

History lesson on technology

What do you think when you see a peer among you using a CD walkman? How do you react when you see someone pull out their flip phone to answer a call?
Many years ago, before iPods and iPhones ruled the earth, there was a time when people had to listen to music on a device called a CD walkman or a cassette walkman.  I don’t have the luxury right now of owning one of these new innovative apple products and I can’t stand talk radio in Utah, so I have no other choice but to listen to books on tape/cd from the library. I just shake off all the comments from everyone else in the office at work like: How are the 90’s treating you?

I hate texting I am now at a place in life where I need it because that is the only way people communicate. I think my wife and I are the only people I know that still own flip phones because everyone uses iPhones. Our phone plan has expired and we are up for a renewal and are looking into possibly a new service and it seems like every phone service is encouraging smart phones, iPhones, and data plans. Do you have a phone plan that works for you and your family?   

As I look at the demographics around me, it seems like those who qualify as impoverished now own an iPhone and a car. I roll my eyes when I see a person using food stamps and surfing the net on their iPhone while waiting in the checkout line at Maceys. So I guess that because I don't own an iPhone, I am below the poverty line.

 I have been talking to all of the starving college students and starting families around me who claim to be so poor that they don’t even have a pot to piss in or window to throw it out of, and yet, they have iPhones, with all the current data that goes with it. I have discovered their secret: their parents! Why buckle down and pay for your own phone plan and your own phone now that you have moved out of the house? You have parents on a family plan! Let them pay for it! After all, God gave you parents and God gave them money! But I digress…

Instead of completely becoming the grumpy old Amish man who flips off modern technology, I have seen the extreme necessity of technology. I know an older associate of mine who has been out of work for a while now, desperately looking for a job but refuses to use the internet. Because our world has become so dependent on the internet, he is still looking for a job. That is why I am cognizant of the need of these annoying devices of social atrophy. So that is why I am asking, what phone plan works for you? And, can I join your parents' family plan?  

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