Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Training troubles (week 6 and 7)

Week 6, my goal was to run 11.5 miles on Saturday. Destination: University Ave (about 2230 north) and up Provo Canyon. I didn't do too well. I completed it but I walked a mile of it. Difficulties I dealt with: weather. It was rainy/snowy and I had icicles hanging off of my mustache (for Mustache March). I didn't bring any water to hydrate myself so my legs and joints cramped and I experienced some knee pain. But I finished 2.5 hours later.

Week 7, my goal was to run 12 miles on Saturday. Destination: same as the previous week. Again, I didn't do too well. I actually only was able to complete 8 miles and I walked the last 2. Difficulties I dealt with: tight schedule with little time to run. Because I had to make it to my wife’s poetry reading in less than three hours, I wasn't sure how long 12 miles would take, since my previous week was unsuccessful. About 6.5 miles into my run, my right foot hurt really bad and I developed a huge blister on my heel. I guess I have to just buck up and buy some new running shoes. According to my wife's cousin, who runs a lot, he recommends buying new shoes at least every six months if you are into long-distance running. I have had my current shoes for eight years. Yeah. It’s about time. Man, I've got to get a less expensive hobby… What do you recommend?

My old shoes

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  1. You'd never guess how expensive running can be. You must ask yourself this: WWJD? (What Would Josh Do?)