Monday, March 10, 2014

Pranking with Darling Facaden

“Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” Benjamin Franklin

This is another important rule to pranking. Anonymity is a difficult factor but if you can accomplish it in your prank it can multiply your success. 

I have a nephew by the name of Darling Facaden, he is best described as unstable pack of nitroglycerin just waiting to explode at any moment. He loves to be loud, he loves destroying things, or making messes. Here is the closest picture I could find that best describes him.

I am always trying to find cute and creative ways to smuggle silly string to this boy for I had the hypothesis that Darling Facaden plus silly string equals a big mess! I had arranged a correspondent to plant a can of silly string in his bedroom. I wanted my helper to hide it in a spot that would not be discovered for a few days. Here we are two weeks later and I have gathered information on how the results of that prank turned out. Sadly this mission was a failure.
The silly string was delivered successfully. None of Darling Facaden’s family suspected a thing... Until my wife told them.
Two weeks later my wife gets a voicemail message from Darling Facaden thanking her for the silly string present. He found the silly string, presented it to his mom who told him to go use it outside.
So remember my dear friends anonymity is your ally if achieved successfully. The less people who know of your plot the better off you are. Stay tuned for more tips from my pranking travel log.
Have you ever had success in keeping a secret with more than two people?


  1. Oh my gosh Fakirk! Ha Ha. I love the picture best describing Facaden, and I'm glad Facaden brought it so sweetly to his mom. :) You are welcome to give him silly string any time - he loves it! :)

  2. Just to be clear, I didn't tell Fanna anything...

    1. Oh Laura, I stand corrected, sorry to wrongfully accuse you. Somehow they knew the silly string was linked to us. I may never know who the mole was. Despite them knowing it was still fun. Love ya.