Monday, March 9, 2015

Spontaneous nunchuck lessons Part 1

My gang and I decided to take a crash course in nunchuck lessons. 

I wanted to make sure we all had nunchucks to practice with… so I made some!

Step one: find an old broomstick

Step two: saw it down into 11-12” sticks. I was able to cut six out of this broomstick.

Step three: Go to home depot and by a cheap designer chain: 

and some screw eyes:

Step four: with a drill and some pliers you can attach the chain to the broom stick handles. My sensei told me that the shorter the length of the chain the better it is for a beginner.

Step five: begin lessons! Stay tuned for next week’s blog on training with my gang in the dojo!

Voilà! Just your own homemade assault with a deadly weapon product!

This project only cost me $1.35 to assemble. Did you know I was so thrifty?

1 comment:

  1. Kirk, I can't believe you didn't bring these with you on our trip. I could have been hiking with nun-chucks and felt a lot safer if we ever encountered Laura's dream mountain lions. Haha, well done!