Monday, March 16, 2015

Spontaneous nunchuck lessons Part 2

Nunchaku, often casually known as "nunchucks," are a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon that is made of two sticks that are connected by a rope or a chain on one end. The Nunchaku make a great training weapon, which can help you improve your posture and develop quicker movements of the hands.

As I mentioned before my gang and I decided to have a night out with spontaneous nunchuck lessons. We asked a nice sensei who was very generous to let us use his dojo and training equipment. He was also generous with his time.

Yes, I brought my homemade nunchucks with me. I made three pairs but I was the only brave one to train with them luckily everyone else used foam chucks.

The following photos are the most well known way to hold nunchucks right before you combat with them

When you are not intending to fight someone but you would still like to intimidate them you hold them crossed in your arms but still visible

A less intimidating hold is where you hide the nunchucks behind your arm

We started very slowly with some basic over the shoulder, and then catch it with your other hand under the arm technique like so:

Then we tried something more aggressive. We would whip the chucks over the shoulder, wave the chucks in front of us in a figure-eight motion and then bring it back to this position.

Some of us got more confident and faster as the night went on. This was not wise for a beginner. 

I feel like the lesson was a success. What cool and spontaneous things have you done with your gang?

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  1. Nunchucks or nunchaku is a martial art weapon, made famous by Bruce Lee, that can cause some serious injury. However, it is also used as a self-defense tool for preventing assaults. There are two long Harwood sticks connected through a chain.