Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In the name of Art (part 6 of 6)

Our final was supposed to be an illustration of a costumed figure in a similar setting to the character prior to the 1900’s. I decided on three different choices: Rasputin, Stonewall Jackson, or Porter Rockwell. What can I say...I love drawing pictures of hairy men. 
My indecisiveness was wasting time so I defaulted to Porter Rockwell. Porter has been in most of my artwork for other art and drawing classes I took before this one.
The background is actually traced from a photograph Laura took in Copperton, Utah. I used tones of blue in every color on this picture to help add to the midnight feel of it. My teacher loved the uniqueness of my project. She said “Everyone else picked beautiful people in elegant settings and you picked a butt ugly guy in a graveyard. There is definitely a story here, what is it?” I was short for words because there was no story. I just randomly put images and colors together.

The funny joke to this painting is this headstone was actually traced from Porter’s headstone in the Salt Lake cemetery.

I am debating on whether or not to enter one or more of these into the next Springville art show. What do you think?  Are these showroom worthy?


  1. You should definitely enter this one since you said it has no story. It would be funny to listen to comments that people make as they walk by and try to make something up about your art.

    1. Exactly! I love to see others interpretations of it.

  2. You should enter the bull and this one because they rock.