Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sandwich Champion Retires

There is a humble little sandwich shop here in Orem called Sensuous Sandwich. The building looks ghetto but I like the taste of their bread and sandwiches more than Subway. They have a challenge to all who dare take it. The challenge is called the 24 incher challenge, where you have to try to take down a two foot long sandwich in 30 minutes or less. If you can do this and not die they will reward you with a free t-shirt which is an eternal coupon. Every time you wear your shirt with pride at the store you get a free drink. You also get your picture taken and your picture will join the other champions on the wall of fame in the store. When you spot your picture you can write your time on it as well as anything else you wish to say.

The first time I tried this challenge was on my birthday in 2008. I was so nervous but ate like a horse and pulled off the time of 4 minutes 22 seconds! Do you think that is impressive? When they took my picture I wrote my time, and “I did it for Steve.” (He's my father-in-law who wanted to call my bluff.)

The second time I did worse. It was on my birthday in 2010. I still got the t-shirt but my time was 5 minutes 13 seconds. I didn’t stick with my methods of taking down food in a hurry. I may or may not reveal my methods of speed eating on this blog depending on the interest in the replies.

The third and final time was last month. I brought my brother out with me so he could try this challenge as well. I am proud to say that this last time I did the challenge I broke my own record with a new personal best time of 3 minutes 41 seconds! Now that I have done the challenge three times and have received three Sensuous Sandwich t-shirts and have broken my best time. I am going to retire from the 24 incher challenge unless someone reading this blog can beat my time best time.  I still go there to enjoy a tasty lunch every now and then.

If you think you can challenge my score let me know I always love friendly competition.


  1. I've always been impressed with your eating skillz.

  2. Perhaps if you share your eating secret, I can beat your record! Is that a good enough reason to share the secret?

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    2. Well okay:
      1. The wetter it is the easier it goes down. That is why it is good to do this challenge with a French Dip sub with extra au jus.

      2. They will allow you to prepare the sub any way you wish before they start the timer. Try cutting it into smaller pieces.

      3. The less you have on the sandwich the better. For it to qualify you only need meat and some sort of cheese. Once again the French dip is my weapon of choice.

      I hope this helps, good luck.