Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Love Halloween Part 1

I love Halloween! As a boy I would always save my lawn mowing money to buy Halloween decorations to spice up my home for the upcoming all Hallows Eve festivities.
My new hobby is to make my own Halloween decorations because, let’s face it, all retail stores and the seasonal Halloween stores are a money pit. This year I have decided to do a graveyard scene out in front of my condo with things I built from the local hardware store.
You can buy an animated corpse in a cheaply built coffin that, if you sneeze on it wrong you will tear it in half from a Halloween store, or you can build one yourself for half the price.

After studying other blogs and websites I decided to try to build my own wooden old west toe pincher style coffin with rope handles.
I bought 16 wooden pickets 6’ long and then I followed the following diagram kindly provided by

I used this diagram generously provided by

The following photos show me constructing the life-sized wooden coffin:

Screwing in the base boards

Adding the finishing touches in construction

Finished box ready to decorate

 Do you think Halloween decorations are too expensive too?


  1. Heck yes, Halloween decorations are too expensive! I love that you make your own high-quality ones, though.

  2. I agree that Halloween decorations are too expensive. Unfortunately, I'm not nearly as handy as you, so I just go without. (Plus, my wife is too frightened of them to allow me to put them in the yard.)

    Props to you. It looks awesome!

    1. Thanks Jeff. What do you and your wife do for Halloween?